Friday, August 29, 2008

Bumper Stickers

So I started a series of bumper stickers. You can print these out yourself using inket sticker paper this size.
If you want a hi-res PDF of a design...leave a comment or send a message.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama Speech Audio Samples

I chopped up an Obama speech and made a video with it. I had some samples I thought I'd post for anyone interested:

57_states.wav, 200_years_ago.wav, a_woman_who_raised_me.wav, above_pay_grade.wav, absolutely.wav, american_domestic_policy.wav, applause.wav, applause2.wav, black_man_from_kenya.wav, blood.wav, bondage.wav, brothers_sisters_cousins.wav, christians_in_lions.wav, chronic.wav, controversial.wav, dancing_and_clapping.wav, david_and_goliath.wav, did_i_know_him.wav, farmers_and.wav, firestorm.wav, for_as_long_as_I_live.wav, for_some.wav, gang_banger.wav, group_of_men_gathered.wav, hatefull_ideologies.wav, how_hungary_american_peop.wav, i_am_married.wav, i_can_no_more_disown.wav, i_chose_to_run.wav, i_confess.wav, i_was_raised.wav, in_my_first_book.wav, israel_is_strong_friend.wav, ive_already_condemmed.wav, jeremiah_wright.wav, legalized.wav, may_have_different_stories.wav, moses_and_Pharaoh.wav, my_background.wav, my_politics.wav, my_white_grandmother.wav, no_doubt_react.wav, not_black_enough.wav, of_course.wav, of_course2.wav, on_the_other_end.wav, or_a_demagog.wav, pastors_priests.wav, patriots.wav, people_began_to_shout.wav, persecution.wav, reality.wav, reality2.wav, regular_garbage.wav, scattered_across_three.wav, see_middle_east.wav, silence.wav, son_of_a_black_man.wav, statesmen.wav, that_I_love.wav, the_american_people.wav, the_answer.wav, the_fact_is.wav, the_man_I_met.wav, the_truth_is.wav, these_people_are_part.wav, this_belief_comes.wav, too_black.wav, tyranny.wav, understanding.wav, united_states.wav, we_may_not_look.wav, white_coworkers.wav, white_racism.wav, white_woman_from_kansas.wav, whites_populations.wav, why_associate_myself.wav, wide_eyed_liberals.wav, will_not_run.wav, william_faulkner.wav

Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama On The Mount

I messed around with some old video the other night. Here's the unfortunate result.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Obama autostereogram

Just a hypnotically sweet Obama autostereogram I made to help the masses understand how futile it is to fight against the omnipotent lure of Obama!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Democrats for McCain!

So I guess you heard about the (2 or 3) "Republicans for Obama." They have a logo and everything. So I didn't want to leave out all those Hillary supporters that Obama doesn't care about. I designed the Official "Democrats for McCain" logo. You can download a hi-res PDF here.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I've got the answer to Obama's "Blue Collar Blues". YARD SHADOWS! I designed this especially for Mr. Bama. This will certainly win the hearts of Middle Americans that are reluctant to vote for Obama right now. I've got a pattern if you want to cut one out. Email me and I'll shoot you one for a small fee!