Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Point Proven.

As a further example of the non-critical Obama love'n "lead-up to the Election", another website has taken the bait. Some people at an online magazine called Matador Pulse included my Obama Yard Shadow as a sign of Middle America Obamamania. I have questions: (1) Did you read my sarcastic comment about him speaking to 200,000 Germans in your front yard"? (2) Did you see the fairly bad photoshop work? (3) Did you really think that "Obama Yard Art" was a good IDEA!?

All of this Oblindness is reminding me of the "Lead-Up to Iraq"...when everyone was hand in hand...even the media...not questioning the leadership.

Well...I STAND UP NOW...and say that Electing Barack Obama is a BAD IDEA for the country! Just'll see.... and I predict Obama art/merch selling alongside Beanie Babies in Garage Sales.

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