Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Indies on the Obamamania BANDwagon.

I'm starting the Official definitive list of indie-rock "Free-Thinking" bands who are now shamelessly strengthening Indie stereotypes and are gleefully jumping onto the Obama "Band" Wagon. (...Get-it...? BANDwagon...indie..BANDs....well, I thought that was funny.) It kind of makes me think that I'm not right...I'm messed up. I mean, I like all the music these guys create, and am moved by many a lyric that they have penned, but yet find myself in the unfortunate indie-minority on this one. Maybe I should just go along with the crowd. Maybe I would be liked more, or praised for my good taste. Even Pitchfork Media is hinting (not so subtly) that I should like Obama and if I don' know....

The Official Obama Band Wagon
Low, Josh Grier and Jeremy Hansen of Tapes 'n Tapes, Dosh, STNNNG, Kill the Vultures, Skoal Kodiak, and P.O.S., plus DJs from Burlesque Design, Rhymesayers, Decemberists, ( maybe the is the Official Obama Band Wagon list of bands that I've come across in news stories...I'm not gonna search the internet for every bands, but I can safely say that at least 98% of indie rock bands are drinking the Obama-Aid)

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