Friday, July 4, 2008

This one goes out to the ones I love.

This post is about rainbows. It's about a muppet song that has been ruined. It's about Obama's sneaky words and hidden sections of his website. This post if for all my Christian brothers and sisters who have been snookered into Obamadom. If you peruse through the "People" section of his website, you will come across something called "LGBT". You will find a speech as well as a shiny Obama "O" logo with a rainbow at the bottom. The speech you will read doesn't say much, and you can hardly find anything to disagree with (other than him equating LGBT rights, with civil rights...which should make a few minorities really mad). So the question is left "What does he really think about this subject?" You can't really tell, other than suggesting that ONLY the democratic party wants to abolish hate crimes...and that's ridiculous. 

My 2 cents: If you wanna live that lifestyle...fine. If you wanna have the same Legal/Financial rights as reproducing couples...great. If you wanna be my friend...awesome. If you want me to treat you the same as everyone else...totally fine. But please don't ask me to endorse your lifestyle.

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