Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Obey Obama

If I were the people running the Obama machine, I'd be a little hesitant to work closely with Shepard Fairey. Not that he's scary or anything, but he is known mainly for his "Obey" meaningless marketing movement. When you think about it, it really mirrors Obamamania. He's everywhere, his image is everywhere, eerily similar to the "Obey" campaign. Has Shepard unknowingly become a victim of the very over-branding-excess-hype machine that triggered his initial "Andre The Giant" series? Also, it won't be long before conservatives, ignorant of Shepard's work, see the posters of Stalin and Mao and draw parallels to Obama. Please everyone slow-down. Don't you think Obama is being idolized a little too much? Honestly. Even if He's elected, do you really think he's gonna solve all your problems? I'm also calling on designers to cool it a bit with all the iconic imagery. Seriously take a look at Communist propaganda posters and let them inform and warn against too much "leader-worship". I posted a mashup of an Obama "Obey" poster I made. You can download a pdf.

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