Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Missing Logos/People Groups

On Obama's website there are many people groups listed that support Obama and he supports as well. Each people group has an image or logo that highlights that specific demographic. There are, however, some people groups that make up his "base" that are left out. I thought I'd start a series of logos to help him show his support for these people as well. (I wouldn't want him to leave them out!) Logo #1. Abortionists for Obama

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Jeff said...

Are you going to design one for McCain's campaign also? You see I have a son with Down syndrome and recently medical science and funding for research has helped develop even earlier testing for Down syndrome and driven the stock value of some of these companies even higher. Capitalism is working in this area ye protest. The current termination rate for prenatal testing is 90% and I don't think that 90% is all left wing liberals do you? Now I do have the data if you want to debate it....by the way this is the kinda hypocritcal stuff that drove me out of the Republican Party....

Now with that said I not only wish we could change peoples minds about abortion I wish we could support those born with disabilities as we have promised but not followed through on. Like IDEA where Congress promised to fund 70% of the cost but as of today has yet to appropriate more then 17%.